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Fleet services consist of 6 or more company vehicles for commercial jobs

Private or residential washes and sales prices

Carpets, floor mats, seats and door panels shampooed. All interior vinyl, leather and plastic cleaned and dressed including vents, cup holders and those hard to reach places. Scotch guard and trunks included if trunk is clear.


Complete interior shampoo $75.00 4 hours


Fabric /Carpet scotch guard $45.00 1.5 to 2.0 hours
Stain guard and scotch guarding provides protection for all sorts of interior for family


Odor eliminator $35 per hour eliminates smokes, mold, mildew, paint, food and garbage and harsh odors from vents and interiors, vents are cleaned.


Carpets & Mats $25 removes light stains, slight odors, ground in dirt & gravel (vans-SUVs- or vehicles with 3rd rows of seat and station wagons $10 extra


Seat shampoo $25 removes pet hairs, light stains ground in dirt and reduces light odors


Hand wax $35 light spray on and UV compatible waxes (vans-SUVs- or vehicles with 3rd rows of seat and station wagons $10 extra


Hand wash $25 soaps and light detergents UV and clear coat friendly, hand wash, dress tires, vacuum interior clean windows and door jams. (vans-SUVs- or vehicles with 3rd rows of seat and station wagons $10 extra


Window treatmentt $25 Aquapel window repellent applied to all windows.


Engine Steam Clean $45 complete engine compartment cleaned and degreased, and dressed. Includes exterior wash.


Exterior Wash $15 and up includes machine wash with machine soap and chamois dry.


Full Service Wash $20 and up vacuum carpets blow out vents, empty ash trays, clean windows wipe down interior dash boards and door panels, hand dry and hand wash.

Commercial rates

Commercial cleaning consist of machine washing some light brush cleaning, squeegee for windows, and chemicals for rims.

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Find out Importance of Interior Cleanin