Paint Surface Decontamination
Red iron oxide specks, more visible on white or light colored vehicles, come mainly from the constant bombardment of metal brake dust, over-spay, fallout & tree sap mist that bonded itself to your paints surface. Professional clay bar treatment can eliminate this as well as other contamination such as bug spatter and bird droppings which can cause permanent damage to a vehicle’s paint if left unchecked.

Paint Scratch Removal
High Rollers Mobile Detail can remove many surface scratches, swirl marks and scuffs through the use of advanced polishing techniques. Scratches tend to dull a vehicle’s paint surface which, if left untreated, will eventually lead to much much greater (and possibly irreparable) damage.

Paint Protection

Wax gives your vehicle an enhanced shine and protection from the sun’s harmful rays. Wax should be reapplied every 3 to 6 weeks in order to best protect your vehicle.

Paint Sealant

Sealing the paint of your vehicle is the longest form of protection you can buy for your vehicle’s painted surface. Paint sealant is a synthetic polymer which actually bonds to your painted surface providing the very best protection and shine. Paint sealant should be reapplied every 3 to 6 months.