BJ’s BJ’s Mobile Wash, LLC has been providing high quality cleaning solutions for customers since 1997. BJ’s uniformed technicians are respectable, reliable and ready to serve all of our clients needs. BJ’s started in the automobile detailing field and grew to a complete commercial cleaning company serving our client needs, from auto mobile washing to Mobile Detailing. We are one of the city’s only one stop shop.

The best reason to use BJ’s Mobile Wash

  • Improve your public image—your company’s name stands out on clean trucks and vehicles.
  • Enhanced safety—clean vehicles are easy to inspect and maintain.
  • Enhanced safety—clean vehicles are easier to spot on the road.
  • Improved driver morale—they are proud to be seen in clean vehicles.
  • Improved vehicle life—vehicles last longer when dirt, grime, pollutants and ice melting chemicals are safely removed by a regularly scheduled “Bjs Fleet Wash” fleet washing program.
  • Reduced costs—Bjs Fleet Wash provides everything including supervision, safety equipment, training, manpower, benefits, insurance, cleaning products, equipment, parts, fuel and environmental controls.
  • Reduced hassles—because of the above and once you hire Bjs Fleet Wash, you will know the work will be performed professionally, on time and on budget.
  • If there is a problem of any kind you can be confident that Bjs Fleet Wash will resolve it promptly to your satisfaction